Carbon Offset Projects

Portland’s offset solutions support an extensive range of carbon offsetting projects, that operate around the world and which reduce and prevent carbon emissions (CO2e). Portland’s CO2e offset portfolio is made up of Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) projects ( that follow rigorous due diligence process and simultaneously provide growth in developing communities. The offsetting funds are invested in projects that factor in socio-economic needs, community consultation and abide by international laws and carbon standards.

Reduction Projects

The reduction method is the conventional way to reduce CO2e, generally through carbon sequestration, which is the process of capturing and storing carbon in plants, oceans, soils, and geological formations. Tree planting is a common and sustainable solution to removing CO2e from the atmosphere. Alternative Portland projects involve conserving and restoring forests where deforestation is prevalent. Our projects support and employ local communities and also play a vital role in stabilising ecosystems in the surrounding area by preventing droughts, flooding and protecting water resources and endangered species.

Prevention Projects

This is an innovative way of offsetting CO2e through a preventative method, wherein a high emitting energy source is substituted by sustainable and renewable energy solutions, thus displacing future emissions. Portland supports projects that largely operate in developing economies where the scope for renewable energy growth is far greater than in the developed world.

Developing world communities rely heavily on liquid fossil fuels, coal and wood burning for energy, which can be replaced by wind, solar and hydro-power. This helps developing communities significantly improve local air quality, whilst reducing global CO2e. Such projects help developing communities fulfil growing energy demands, whilst also providing local employment and skills, thus generating societal as well as environmental benefits.

Portland asked for the following independent report to be put together by sustainability expert Anthony Day (publisher of the Sustainable Futures Report).